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Programs and Pricing

Programs and Pricing

We know your needs as a property investor are as different as each property itself. We work with our partners in two distinct ways to ensure we are meeting their overall goals and objectives for their short-term and vacation rentals.

Earn more with ease.

Our partnership program is a great option for people who want to earn more income, but simply do not want to be involved in the day-to-day of running a short term rental property. We can increase the yield your property can produce on a monthly basis by running your property as a luxury short-term vacation rental.

As a partner, you will receive full financial statements each and every month so you can keep track of how your investment is performing. You will also receive access to an owner dashboard to keep tabs on how well your property is booking, and if you want to use it for your own vacation, you can simply block the dates.

We charge a percentage-based management fee of 20% and up, and you pocket the rest of the profits while knowing someone else is doing all the heavy-lifting for you.

Choose this option if you:

  • Are willing to take on some level of risk in order to increase your potential return

  • Want someone else to deal with the day-to-day aspects of running your property 

  • Can sustain variable income from your property (and love the idea of more income during peak season even if it means a little less during non-peak seasons) 

  • Have a partially or fully furnished property that could easily be converted into a short-term rental. 

  • Willing to possibly invest upfront to transform your property into a luxury short-term rental.

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